8 Signs that You Should Break Up With Your Current Relationship

Written By: The Wise Millennial
Date: June 2, 2019
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Once upon a time, you are madly in love but soon you realize the magic that was once there is slowly fading. You started thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend but you are not so sure. Here are the signs the 8 signs that the two of you should break up.

He/She is Abusive

If you have been with your significant other for quite some time and you realize that they have this abusive behavior. Punching walls, hurting you or himself during arguments are one of the most obvious examples. But abuse is not just limited to the physical ones.

Emotional Abuse is also a thing that you must be aware of too. Insulting, criticizing or even ridiculing you to the point of losing your self-esteem and confidence is one example of emotional abuse. If your current relationship is causing you to develop anxiety, depression and huge stress, walk away!

You are not getting what you need

Relationships should be a give and take. But if you know to yourself that you are the only one who is giving all the time leaving you empty, just leave. Both sides should be able to fulfill your fundamental needs in a relationship.

If you are even more miserable, lonely and unhappy, why stay? Know that you deserve to be loved too.

There’s More Hate than Love

If your current relationship is full of matching screamings, fights and you just can’t stand seeing them, time to reevaluate this. Can you take this person’s presence for the next five minutes? next days? next months? years?

He/She is bringing the Worst in You

A good relationship should be able to bring the best in you and not the worst. If you can see significant changes in yourself physically, mentally and emotionally and you realize it’s not good, it is probably time for you to walk away from this. Especially if it has been affecting your daily life, your job and your relationships with other people (family and friends).

bringing the worst in you

You two are just incompatible

Compatibility is one of the secrets to make a long-lasting relationship. Sadly, so many of us jump to commitments before figuring out whether the two of you are even compatible or not.

You’ll need to figure out if your values in life, goals, and dreams are matched or at least halfway meeting each other. If both of you are not on the same page in life then it is a sign that you two are just incompatible. You’ll just need to accept that it isn’t going to work.

Your Partner Doesn’t Do Anything to Make it Work

It takes two in a relationship to make it work. This includes sitting and talking about the issues as calmly and rationally as both of you can, compromising and willingness to make it better. One person is not supposed to lift both of you. So if one of you isn’t willing to do what it takes to save your relationship, you know that it’s time to let go.

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He/She doesn’t see you in his/her future

This is the truest deal-breaker of them all. If you just don’t see him/her in your future or you don’t want them to be, just leave them. You must know if you can deal with still having them in your life in the next years. If you don’t have plans sticking with them, don’t prolong the agony any longer. Just end it.

Love is about accepting the other person including their flaws and things you don’t like about them. You love them despite of those and is willing to be with them.



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