Common Stereotypes About Millennials

Written By: The Ranting Millennial
Date: June 9, 2019

It’s no secret that the generation of Millennials is getting a lot of hate, especially from the previous generations. Over the years, they are labeled as rude, entitled, lazy, always glued to their phones and the list goes on and on.

Here are the common stereotypes about Millennials that may or may not be true.

Millennials are Lazy

The most common stereotype is that we are lazy, probably the laziest generation ever. Since technology has pretty much improved our daily lives and millennials grew in the comfort of it, other people seem to think that they expected everything to be handed to them.

While it may be true and it looks as if we have been reliant with technology, we are just making use of it? Otherwise, what’s the point? Should we go back to to the times where we go to the forest to hunt food?

millennials are lazy

Millennials Don’t Work Hard

It’s not that us millennials do not want to work. It’s just that we are not following what’s always been done if we think there is a better, faster and more efficient way to do the work. Plus, it saves us more time.

Hardwork is not the only way to do it. Years ago, people would do that and stay in the company for years in order to climb the corporate ladder. But it’s not the same anymore and if us millennials don’t see the worth of staying on the same old job for years, we’d pack up to search for better opportunities.

Millennials Complain Too Much

Labeled as crybabies who complain too much when life is rough followed by a story where back then they walked miles to get to school, worked long shifts and never complained.

What they don’t know is the previous generations had privileges that we don’t get to enjoy today. The cost of living is too high but the wage is not keeping up with it. A college education is too expensive that millennials have to work to pay off their debts for years. Even the job market is not as good as it was before.

Sure back then boomers are able to land an entry-level job that allowed them to purchase their own homes and raise a family of four. But right now, it is not just possible to do so. And this leads us to another stereotype about us.

Millennials Are Not Loyal Employees

Millennials are notoriously known for being job hoppers who wouldn’t stay for more than one year. While it may be true, Millennials just don’t see the point working for years on the same job without seeing any potential for growth.

Millennials Can’t Live Without Their Phones

While this may be true, it’s because smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. It is our main tool for communication, research, knowing what’s happening around the world and even entertainment.

Can we live without our phones? Absolutely.

But here’s the catch, you’ll always have to struggle. You cannot respond to emails quickly, you’d have a hard time booking or reserving flights or hotels when you’re traveling, you can’t do online shopping or any online transactions, you won’t have quick access to news and information you need.

You’ll find it difficult to be a productive and effective citizen of this world without it.

millennials are addicted to phones

Millennials Are The Worse Generation

The problem isn’t just us millennials, it’s just that the previous generation will always hate the next one. The dislike among the younger generation has always been around. Even us have a growing disdain towards the Generation X, the Silent Generation had the same opinions about the Baby Boomers, it’s a cycle.

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