Why is our Generation Really Unhappy?

Written By: The Wise Millennial
Date: May 12, 2019
Why is our generation unhappy

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I happy?”. Well, are you? I keep hearing a lot of people saying that our current generation is so unhappy. Which may be true. Now, what might the reason be?

Aside from the obvious reasons, the struggles for financial stability, the harsh truth that we may never achieve everything in life, jealousy, envy not to mention the rise of social media where we get to create a vision for everyone else. That everything in our life seems so great and wonderful.

But long ago, people die early. Our ancestors had a lot of problems and life expectancy isn’t as long as we have today. Thanks to modern medical science, the agricultural revolution, and mutual cooperation between humans, we were able to solve most of the fundamental problems in life. We cured diseases, we found better ways to produce food and other necessary items that we need in everyday life.

Humans did a wonderful job of securing most of the problems that our ancestors could ever dream of. Now that we don’t have to worry much about it, happiness has become our main goal in life.

We have reached the age where most of us seek to find meaning in life, we try to give meaning to it, we try to find happiness. And it’s not easy for all of us.

The real reason why we are unhappy is because of the pursuit of happiness and our idea of happiness itself.

For you, what is happiness?

Is it having 1000 of followers in social media?

The number of zeroes in your salary and the amount of money in your bank account?

Is it the kind of car you are driving?

How hot and desirable your partner is?

social media

Our idea of happiness became something that everyone needs to see. Like what I said, the rise of social media. Whenever we scroll out there and see our friends posting their amazing out of town or out of country vacations, admit it or not, it puts a void in ourselves. The idea of everyone getting something or getting somewhere and having a wonderful life, except you.

And we don’t want to be left out. We constantly post and update to let everyone know about it. We also want to let everyone know we are happy.

And for some reason, our idea of happiness has become too high and we keep on wanting more thinking that if we had it, it will make us happier.

A certain example is:

You want an iPhone X and now that you’ve got it, you wanted the iPhone XS and then the iPhone XS Max and so on.

You are earning thrice the minimum wage right now. Which is pretty good already but now you want to earn more.

Now, there is nothing wrong with trying to improve ourselves and always trying to be better. But when our strong desire to get what we want is overtaking our lives, it makes us unhappy. Unhappy that we cannot get it right now, unhappy that we will probably never get it, unhappy that we compare ourselves with people who have it, unhappy why life is this way.

We focus so much on trying to achieve everything and trying to achieve more that we actually forgot how to be happy.


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The Author: The Wise Millennial

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One response to “Why is our Generation Really Unhappy?”

  1. I agree. Upgraded versions of just about anything are up in the stores few weeks after a recent product launch. Everything changes so fast and people feel the need to keep up in this fast-pacing world. I now try to live a low-waste lifestyle. I realized that we only need so little to be happy; the rest are just clutter. Oftentimes, people forget that what really spark joy are not things but people and moments.

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