About Us

Millennial Diaries is for every single millennial out there still adjusting to adulthood. It focuses on career, responsibilities, everyday life and struggles of millennials.

Who are the Millennials?

The Millennial Generation consists of those who were born in the early ’80s to late ’90s (and even some who were born on early 2000s are included).

The Millennials

Millennials have always been stereotyped as lazy, entitled and often glued to their devices. The previous generations even labeled us as “The Worst Generation”. Millennial Diaries is here to prove that our generation is more than that. Not all of us are lazy or entitled. We can also be are smart, creative, innovative and we can do so much for the world.

Millennials are tech-savvy for they grew up during the Golden Age of the Internet and the rise of the Smartphones that literally changed the way how we communicate and gather information. Millennials tend to be more liberal than the previous generation. They are willing to question traditions, break norms and be more accepting of things that were considered taboo in the past.

Millennials are mostly conscious about health, social, economical and environmental issues. They are idealists but they are also looking for pragmatic solutions to global problems. They want to make the world more equitable and a better place for everyone.

Millennial Diaries Accepts Your Stories!

Millennial Diaries encourages you to submit your own stories here! Personal stories and experiences are welcome here as long as they cover the topics related to Millennials.

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